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To help leaders unlock the full potential of their teams. We’ve studied humans – how they think, interact, perform. Through this work, we have pinpointed eight characteristics of high performing teams. We call them the 8 Essentials. E-Colors in Education facilitates onsite professional development on each of the 8 Essentials:

(1) Self & Team Awareness, (2) Shared Vision & Values, (3) Clarity of Roles & Processes, (4) Trust, (5) Diversity & Inclusion, (6) Commitment, (7) Accountability & (8) Learning & Continuous Improvement.

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Customized Solutions

Can’t find a solution to suit your need? Let us tailor one for you.
At E-Colors in Education, we are personality diversity 
experts. Applying our proprietary tools, we provide customized consulting and coaching services to address specific challenges and drive real results.

 We help organizations in areas such as:
  • Developing staff & students into leaders who are intentional with communication

  • Developing internal facilitators through our Train-the-Trainer Workshops

  • Building a strong team compass guided by the organization's mission, vision, values and strategies

  • Enhancing team cohesion and discipline in the areas of safety, reliability, efficiency and productivity

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